I'm a product designer from the Portland OR area

I build things that make it easier for people to build things.

I'm super passionate about building better, accessibility-focused design systems and tooling for product teams that help them make better decisions around their product.

As a designer and developer hybrid, I bridge a lot of the product development cycle, helping improve the experience for both design and engineering. The work I do is focused on creating tools, standardizing product design decisions, and documenting patterns or best practices. By having someone focus on these decisions, it frees time for product teams to focus on more in-depth problem-solving in their product.

Because I'm well versed in both modern web development (React / Web Components / HTML / CSS / Javascript) and product design (Design System Thinking, User Experience Design, User Interface Design), I utilize these skills to do things like:

I'm currently seeking my next opportunity as a product designer.

I would like to help a great design team ship highly intuitive products not just for the company, but for the community of people they're there to help.

I have a personal website at darianrosebrook.com or you can check out my portfolio highlights below.

What I'm looking for in a new design role:

Utilizing skills around